iPadOS 18 gets Math Notes, your own handwriting, and a Calculator

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iPadOS 18

Apple's iPadOS 18 introduces more changes to the iPad's operating system, with the latest edition including accessibility and a Calculator app, among other features.

Apple has detailed many of the changes that will be arriving on iPadOS in the fall of 2024, as part of its iPadOS 18 release. The numerous changes promises to give a massive update to the iPad experience for many users.


Apple's already previewed the accessibility functions arriving in iPadOS and its other operating systems in May, as part of Global Accessibility Awareness Day.

The biggest change is eye tracking, which will allow users to navigate the operating systems' interface with their eyes. While borrowed from the Apple Vision Pro, the feature will only require the front-facing camera of the iPad to function.


Just like iOS, iPadOS users will be able to personalize their home screen. App icons can be moved and anchored to different parts of the screen, allowing for more of a user's background to be viewable.

Dark mode versions of icons are available, changing with the system setting. Icons can also be tinted, allowing further customization for Dark Mode icons.

Control Center gains the ability for developers to add more controls to it, giving users another way to access important features and actions.


SharePlay's screen sharing is being updated to offer the option to tap and draw on a screen, so you can instruct others on what they should do on their own device. It's also possible to get assistance from iPhones.


The Calculator's finally on iPad, which takes advantage of the Apple Pencil with its Math Notes feature. Writing in expressions, the calculator will immediately solve problems once an equal sign is written.

It'll also include functions like a scientific calculator. Importantly, it will also save notes for later use.

AppleInsider urges you to not install beta software on any device you depend on for work.